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M&S Landscaping Portfolio

We strongly encourage you to look through our portfolio and see the outstanding work that we’ve already done. See the top-notch quality for yourself!


Ql Red Snow Plow
Beautiful firepit in backyard in progress
Freshly paved patio with new fireplace
Backyard with freshly installed patio area
Beautiful garden built in Sussex, WI
Commercial 2 Softscape 2
Long winding stone walkway
Patio in backyard with grass and verdant landscape
Elevated surface above grass recently built
Walkway in backyard with fresh new stones
Beautiful new walkway creations paved with stones
Work in progress to build beautiful new rock walkway
Freshly paved brick with garden in backyard
Stone patio project nearly completed
Freshly constructed new paved walkway
Backyard with bricks in middle of job
Newly paved patio


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